It was one of worst days for those players just got the hands on their newly purchased Fortnite Skins such as Drift, Zoey Huntress, Valor, Fate and other skins with capes-ish clothing since a glitch has been released and stuck on those skins for some days.

Fortnite Skin Glitch


Those skins, showing up with some disengaged part of clothing waist down, emote in a much worse circumstance when players try to fit them up with different emotes. With the separating pieces stuck in the middle of the body part while other parts of a body move as smoothly as usual, it was the most disturbing strip dance 101 people have ever seen in their lives.

Although there is a silver lining in the unfortunate incident: for those skins without cape-ish outfits and only T-shirts and skinny pants appeared mostly, they aren't bothered and haunted by the nightmare as the others did at present in the game.

Some viewers, who just have taken a peek on the YouTube video about the glitches, clarified there are no glitches for those skins at all. Epic did this on purpose. Here is the one typical comment of this incident evaluation:

“They(Epic) did this because if you used a cape on the beef boss skin, the game crashes or something. So they temporarily disabled physics on any cloth capes, skins etc. This isn't a glitch, this is intentional.”

However, this clearly isn’t some kind of rumour coming out of nowhere. Early that day, Epic made an official announcement on Twitch to clarify the glitch accident:

Clearly, a hotfix was released by Epic picking up the “glitch” option to prevent the worst happened- game crashes. Although it didn’t mention some other skins suffered from the same twisted appearance, and the most concerned part for players - when Epic will fix all of these?

These Skins and their weird clothing appearances are still enduring so far. Players who happened to have those skins are mostly regretful and disappointed. The constantly releasing bugs or glitches are definitely affecting the profit of Epic made from Fortnite and hold its development in sales market portion up in the future.