Now that Epic Games has released its highly anticipated High Stakes update for Fortnite which introduces players to not only a brand new Getaway LTM but also a ton of new gameplay changes, it seems details regarding the next update have surfaced. These leaked details include information which links to the possibility of weapon skins and pets coming to Fortnite in the future.

Fortnite Weapons Skins And Pets

According to the twitter page, Fortnite: Battle Royale Leak, Patch v5.40 came with some pretty interesting changes to the game’s directory. In the cosmetic section of the game’s files, there are two new folders called Weapon Skins and Pets. Now, this at first seemed quite weird as currently, the game does not feature anything in the game which this could link to.

As a result, there is a possibility that Epic Games is going to introducing Weapon Skins and Pets in the coming future. Just check out these tweets down below for more information:


This is all very interesting, however, nothing can be said for sure until and unless Epic Games comes out with an official announcement themselves. But, since leaks like these have been quite accurate in the past, the chance of these additions coming to the game are quite high. Well, at least the Weapons Skins are. Not so sure how Pets are going to play a role in the game.

So, while we are waiting for the developers to make their announcement regarding these new leaks, give us a minute of your time and let us know what you think of all this, in the comments section down below. Do you think the introduction of Weapon Skins and Pets is what the community needs, or is there something else which requires the developers’ attention?

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