I spent most of the end of season 5 of Fortnite chasing the Cube around the map. Now I’m spending the beginning of season 6 doing the same thing, except the Cube is no longer rolling, it’s floating, and is carrying the Loot Lake island house with it.

The Cube is currently stopping at each of the seven runes it created, which when taken together, create a sort of misshapen self-portrait, as you can see above. It’s currently “activated” six runes, which elevates the rune into the air for a day or so, then sets it back down with a beam of light on top of it, and it’s about to hit the seventh.

So uh, what happens then?

Even when everything in Fortnite is usually datamined to hell, it doesn’t seem like anyone, leakers included, really know. But there are a few different theories we can go through based on the evidence.



It’s Creating A Super Cube

Have uh, you see the house on Cube Island recently? Every new rune it actives, there are Cube “growths” that continue to expand on the island and through the house. It seems like the island itself is being built into something…else, and given all the cube shapes, possibly some sort of Super Uber Cube when all is said and done.

It’s Summoning A Monster

This is a very old “Leviathan” theory from way back in the day, the idea that the Cube is summoning some sort of monster from the deep. Given that Leviathan was traditionally thought of as sea monsters, and that we currently have a giant hole in the middle of Loot (Leaky) Lake, I don’t think this is outside the realm of possibility. But what role does a giant monster have to play in Fortnite? Wrecking things? A new LTM? Who knows.

It’s Spawning a Volcano

Another old theory, that there is a secret pool of lava under Loot Lake and the Cube is activated it, transforming the entire area. I suppose that could happen, but I do believe a lot of the “lava” leaks turned out to be just Cube goo that we already saw, so I’m not going to hold my breath for this one.


It’s Ushering In An Ice Age

While I don’t know exactly what Cube Runes would have to do with bringing in a Westeros-style winter to the map, one of the transformations for season 7 seems like clearly part of the map is going to be covered in snow and ice, and if that’s a major transformation, it could have something to do with the Cube’s plan. Though I suppose we did get a new desert zone that just sprung into existence by itself, so it’s possible these two are mutually exclusive.

It’s Bringing In A Future Cube City

I think most people are convinced the Cube is either from the future or alien in nature and what it might do is bring a piece of its homeworld with it. We are kind of seeing what a “Cube city” could look like on the island itself, given its terraforming, and I would not be surprised to see say, all of Loot Lake replaced by some sort of futuristic city that the Cube summons across dimensions.


It’s Corrupting The Entire Map

One final theory is that the Cube is planning something on a larger scale than we’ve ever seen, a devastating cataclysm that doesn’t just change parts of the map, but all of it, bringing us into a post-apocalyptic Fortnite era. Given that Epic wants to stay relevant and have the game feel fresh, I would not totally rule this out, though it is a bit of a longshot.

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Any more theories I’m missing? Let me know.