With Epic Games’ Fortnite making its way into the mainstream, the number of players logging in daily has grown to be in the millions. Now, this might be a very good thing for the developers, but can the same be said for the community? Well, it seems not as, over the past few days, we have been saying quite a lot of new players complain about the game being too difficult for them.

This is mainly due to the reason that Fortnite does not feature a rank based matchmaking system as of right now. This means everyone including professional players and players who have just started playing the game, can all be matched up in a single game which I think is quite unfair.

Now, before I get on with the article, I understand that some of you might consider this to be more of a personal rant. But, with the game going through its very first decline, it seems I am not the only one who is going through this issue. Just check out some of these tweets down below:

After going through just some of the tweets, it’s clearly obvious that a major portion of the Fortnite community is looking for a ranked based matchmaking system in the game. So, what are the developers doing about this issue?

Well, a couple of days back, Epic Games came out with an announcement stating the release of a matchmaking system which will prevent PS4 players from players against each other if they are using keyboards and mouses. As a result, if you are a PS4 player who is using a keyboard or a mouse, you are going to be matchmade with PC players only.

Now, we think this is a step in the right direction as playing with a keyboard and mouse, gives you quite the advantage over someone who is playing the game on the controller. So, hopefully, this will balance things out a little. However, skill/rank based matchmaking is still something which the developers have yet to address and with the current situation of the game, we think it should be of the utmost importance for the developers.

That is all for now, but before sure to check back soon as we are going to be bringing you updates regarding this issue in the coming days. Till then stay tuned and let us know what you think of all this. Do you think Fortnite should feature in a skill/rank based matchmaking system or not?

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