Tangled by constant consumers complaints and reports regarding Fortnite internal bugs, glitches, crashes and so many other gameplay-relevant issues, Epic decided to stop to launch new updates, mostly concerns neoteric weapons,skins, materials and other contents, organizing a massive investigation on Fortnite parasitic and unresolved internal issues as well as a series of placatory compensations instead.

According to the Epic announcement released on Reddit hours ago, this postmortem will be activated in this week - in another word, within three days. This is also a leak and preview of the 5.40 update of Fortnite - which regarded as the outcome of this postmortem and an amendment of Epic’s consistent policy, "New content is the top priority to make them attached" - will shift its core of work into “longer technical post-mortem ” before Season 5 completely goes into a wipeout. Though the efforts that the tech support devoted are much more than Epic used to perform maintenance, still fall far behind the emergence of “gameplay Husks”- Bugs, glitches, crashes and violations against TOS etc. It is equivalent to the scene that a faltering hen is trying to catch a group of running-wild beasts.

However, Epic had figured out to appease the players' anger and oppositions towards all sorts of”scheming corp ” censures, by initiating a “pacifier” reward granted to each one’s account and compensatory rewards to the players should have received at the end of all battle rounds with prizes. The compensation was told to be granted to corresponding accounts in the 5.40 update.

Here is the whole copy of the Epic announcement and its original source:

Make Good, Postmortem Update, and More! from r/FORTnITE


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