Fortnite season 6 is fast approaching and with only days until the release date, one popular fan theory may have just been confirmed.

On Friday Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite season 6 would be launching later than anticipated.

Previously it was thought Fortnite season 6 would have a release date as early as Tuesday, September 25.

This is because an in-game countdown in Fortnite showing how much time was left until season 5 ended previously put today as the current Battle Pass end date.

But this has since been changed after Fortnite makers Epic Games confirmed that season 6 release date will be Thursday, September 27.

The news came days after the Fortnite cube event reached its big finale last Wednesday, melting into Loot Lake.

There have been many theories surrounding Fortnite season 6 and the Fortnite cube event.

One popular theory was sparked after the Fortnite week 10 loading screen was leaked.

Fortnite season 6

Fortnite season 6 - Has Epic Games just confirmed a major Battle Royale theory? (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The Fortnite week 10 loading screen for season 5 shows Brite Bomber touching the purple cube.

But while she looks apprehensive to be touching it, her reflection in the Fortnite cube shows something much more sinister.

Brite Bomber’s reflection in the Fortnite cube shows her with an evil looking smile and her clothes changed-up.

Instead of Brite Bomber sporting her typical Unicorn T-shirt, the image reflected in the cube shows a dragon T-shirt.

Fortnite season 6

Fortnite season 6 - The first Fortnite season 6 teaser has been revealed by Epic Games (Image: EPIC GAMES)

This sparked theories among the Battle Royale community that Fortnite cube could cause an evil mirror universe to emerge.

And maybe an alternate reality for Battle Royale has been confirmed by Epic Games today.

On Monday, September 24 the official Fortnite Twitter published the first ever Fortnite season 6 teaser.

The teaser shows a Fortnite season 6 skin, with a metallic looking llama and a cool pair of sunglasses.

Fortnite season 6

Fortnite season 6 - Fans have theorised about the cube sparking an alternate reality for Fortnite (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Alongside the teaser, the Fortnite Twitter account posted: “All great parties need a DJ. 3 days to Season 6.”

The image also has a Fortnite cube-like purple tint to it and shows the lightning that caused the Fortnite cube to spawn.

Miniature versions of the runes that the Fortnite cube burnt into the Battle Royale map can also be seen adorning the teaser image.

All this seems to hint that the Fortnite cube event isn’t quite done and something else big will be happening with what it left behind in Loot Lake.


Maybe the DJ llama is the alternative universe version of the regular Fortnite llamas? (Image: EPIC GAMES)

And maybe, just maybe, this Fortnite season 6 teaser is backing up the mirror universe theory.

Supply llamas are a part and parcel of the Battle Royale experience, offering items and weapons to players when they break inside it.

Maybe the DJ llama shown in the Fortnite season 6 teaser is the alternate universe version of that?

Turning something that is cute looking and inactive into something that is instead cool and is far from passive, being the life of the ‘party’?

Fortnite season 6

Fortnite season 6 - More teasers are set to be revealed by Epic Games this week (Image: EPIC GAMES)

If that’s the case, then maybe Fortnite season 6 isn’t necessarily opening the door to an evil mirror universe.

Just a parallel one, which would open up the possibility for a huge variety of new skins and different takes on popular locations.

Maybe the huge purple area that the Fortnite cube left behind in Loot Lake will break open to reveal a gateway to this alternative universe in Fortnite Battle Royale?

All should (hopefully) become a bit clearer tomorrow when the next Fortnite season 6 teaser is released.

The second Fortnite season 6 teaser should be revealed on the Fortnite Twitter around 3 pm BST.

For those in other time zones, this is 10 am eastern time and 7 am Pacific.

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