Like we’ve been told before, Epic always values what the most precious treasure he got from Fortnite - of course, the BR mode is. Nowadays, BR mode has brought the company 80% of the whole operating incomes, more than 70% of the entire online players on a daily basis, which is way more than STW mode can think of. Though the blooming future of STW mode appears to be a Utopia vision, most of STW mode advocators still hang in there, rooting for the mode, accusing Epic’s ignorance and bias towards his two Fortnite kids as well.

It’s no doubt that BR mode has become the main force of sustaining the incomparable popularity of Fortnite, as well as Epic’s money pocket. Indisputability that Epic take substantial supports and investments on BR mode past and future, it’s the biggest concern for the oppositions that the decision that Epic already made is - Set the last remaining attention on STW mode aside, treat it more like a servant than an equal son. Here is some drastic and scorching comment from one registered  member of Reddit Fortnite community:

So we get the shitty parts of BR, but not the good parts? from r/FORTnITE

The supporters of this comment had agreed upon the writer’s side of the story - it’s all about a prejudiced avaricious parent and one spoiled child and the other despised disabled kid - which was basic anastomotic with the Lannister House from a game of Thrones - Tywin, Jamie, and Tylion “the Dwarf”. The saddest part is - STW inherited all of the shortcomings and unresolved issues when Epic kept upgrading and improving the optimisation effect, as BR mode’s problems were being fixed and dealt with rapidly and firmly. The choice made leads to the current circumstance we have - A Lifeless STW mode with more defections, degenerated into a complete fiasco and a Lab Specimen, while his brother, BR mode, is rocketing to the triumph on full blast.

I wish STW and BR were a unified "Fortnite" experience from r/FORTnITE

Ironically, though there is no chance to combine those two modes under the one big Fortnite game, some gamer proposed a “unified Fortnite experience ”, conceiving “crossover between the two” under the same community. Impractical we might see this proposal is now, however, the last straw can tackle the gimpy Fortnite once only if Epic willingly trashes out the obstacles upfront - which undoubtedly reckoned as a scene that “happened once in a blue moon”.

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