Over the past couple of days, the world of Fortnite has been raging with rumours about an upcoming LTM event called High Stakes. However, with the developers revealing only bits and pieces regarding the details of the event, not much was made available to the community. Until now that is, as Epic Games has finally come out with the complete details of its upcoming High Stakes event, including a gameplay trailer of the Gateway LTM.

Fortnite High Stakes

As stated, this upcoming event will feature not only a limited-time, exclusive Fortnite skin but will also feature a new LTM called Gateway which as seen in the trailer below, will completely change the way the game is played. This is because unlike the usual game where the last team surviving wins, here players will have to transport what is being called a Gem to its extraction zone and the first team to do it will take home the victory royale.

We know this might sound confusing as nothing as of sort has been made available in the game before but there is a first to everything. So, if this is something which peaks your interest and you are interested in learning more about it, then check out the gameplay trailer down below:


Currently, the exact release date of the High Stakes event and its Gateway LTM are unknown but this much is known that it is coming with the game’s next update. So, stay tuned as we are going to be breaking the news regarding the release date here. However, while you wait, comment below and let us know what you think of the upcoming game mode. Do you think something like this will attract more players to Fortnite?

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