Fortnite will forever be in a state of balance adjustments. Like two ghosts destined to waltz forever, the dance of balancing the shooter will never end. Those next steps in that waltz have been outlined by the devs as another round of Fortnite Battle Royale adjustments for SMGs, buildings and matchmaking are detailed.

fortnite battle royale adjustments

As of today, August 9th, the game’s SMGs have gotten another nerfing on top of earlier tweaks, bringing Compact SMG damage and magazine size down a bit and a sweeping suite of tweaks to the Drum Gun with reduced falloff range damage, reduced jumping and targeting accuracy and other changes.

As for buildings, those have gotten a bit of a buff; the initial HP of Stone, Metal and Wood walls rising up by about 10-20 HP depending on the material. The idea, according to the update, is to tie the type of material to its strength in a way that makes sense instead of having a flat 80 HP across the board.

Finally, one of the devs has addressed the complaint of matchmaking mouse and keyboard players with gamepad players. According to a post on the game’s subreddit, new matchmaking tech is in the works that will pair players with others that are using their same chosen peripheral. Details on this new feature are expected sometime next week.

Our Thoughts

And the beat goes on. Honestly, we do like the fact that matchmaking will soon pair players using the same control input devices and we’re kind of surprised that walls made out of different materials didn’t have different HP pools. Seems like a weird design choice.

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