fortnite cube island
(Photo: FNBRLeaks)

In the latest episode of the never-ending Fortnite drama, Cube Island has returned to Leaky Lake and now appears to be summoning something from the sky.

That's right, the Cube Island has returned home and has shot up a purple light into the sky. What this is, who knows, but it appears to be the early stages of a rift opening.

 For those that missed it: the in-game event happened at 4 p.m. EST, and like every in-game event, the window to witness it was very small. Also, like every other in-game event, it has left us with more questions than answers, but fortunately, the latter seems like it will arrive this Tuesday when the Halloween event goes live.

In the meanwhile, all we can do is sit here and speculate what Fortnite is up to this time. The Internet has a couple of theories:

While some fans are going crazy with speculation and theories, others have been voicing their disinterest with the whole thing at this point, after all, the Cube saga, which this is basically an extension of, has been going on for months. But it looks like it will soon be coming to a close, maybe.

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