As soon as it launched by Epic on Aug, 9th, many players, especially for specific Galaxy smartphones users, was thrilled to access to Fortnite Android Beta and be granted with their bonus in the game afterwards - exclusive Fortnite Galaxy skin for Galaxy Note 9 and Table S4 users, 15k V-Bucks for pre-order Galaxy S9 consumers as well.

However, other than specific Samsung Galaxy devices, substantial other Android devices are all put into a waiting list - including Google, Asus, Essential, Huawei, LG, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi etc - “We’ll start rolling out access to players as we work on supporting a wider variety of devices in the next few days. Players will be granted access in waves to Fortnite Battle Royale and will be sent instructions on how to download and play” said by Fortnite Admin on the other day.


Even the first crew who got the privilege to access Beta at the very beginning as early adopters, gameplay experience for some of them couldn’t measure up to their expectations. It turned out to be a “horrible catastrophe.”

“I got Fortnite on my Samsung Galaxy S7... every texture is either missing or a garbled mess” claimed by one of Beta early adopters, nickname TheOneCode, pointed out this critical issue about Fortnite Android beta’s texture and disclosed on the Forum of Epic official site, have been picked up on by other supporters with similar threads after that.


“this is quite unplayable,” TheOneCode said. Many Galaxy S7 users&Fortnite beta players tried to fix this problem by reinstalling Beta file, but that didn’t work out eventually with insufficient improvements.

Fortnite Support Team have been interfering with this matter and asked for Mobile system details to locate the crux of this issue. Considering the much more attention they have given into this bug(compared with the circumstances of other Bug Report forums in Epic official site), most of the participators have a positive attitude of this fixing progress by Epic support.

Also, some other bugs and issue about Fortnite Android beta have revealed by players continually. Here is the list of the ongoing issues and bugs for Beta players on specific Galaxy or other mobile systems:

  • Running super laggy on S9
  • Exclusive Skins not appearing in Store on Table S4
  • Installer rejected the beta on One Plus5
  • Compatible issues with P8 Lite
  • So many other Android devices the beta doesn’t support by now