Fortnite already releases the 5.21 patch on the other day to fix some well-known bugs and glitches, add some weapons and new-made items as well. Though it is more like a pace to move forward, which could be highly considered as “recency bias ” effect, still a striking step to optimize the gameplay and ameliorate the experience. Although there are always some places and problems the patch didn’t step into or feel helpless. Here is the collection of retained or new-found bugs and unannounced changes after the 5.21 patch released

1, Emotes go silent while you are already emoting, and the guns/pickaxes appear when people are doing their dances.

2, Hit markers STILL appear blue even though the opponent doesn’t have shield occasionally. This has been in the game forever

3, Traps only go half the normal distance inside a 1x1, the other half goes out the backside

4, Cant build at the bridge in tilted

5, the new heavy sniper doesn't do "structure" damage to supply drop balloons (although it does correctly for llamas).


6, Lights in lighted characters (Dark Voyager, Omega, Carbide, and more) are distorted and give off more glow than they should (I see this more in dark voyager). This has been a bug since 5.1.


7, Unreal Engine has been temporarily disabled

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